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New Opportunities

Dear Investors:

Rawan Investments has recently introduced opportunities to invest in different industries through Real Estate Auctions and other industries such as Aluminum product and sub product industries.

The businesses that bring in a potential of $300,000 million per year in profits. The cannabis Growing Facilities is another industry that produces 2 1/2 groups more per year due to the newest technology. Industrial Real Estate is another new option and concept with regards to the restaurant delivery system such as McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Popeyes and more. This concept we are developing allows fast food restaurants to be in one HUB with 2 delivery services under one roof instead of deliveries coming from the restaurant where the order originated.

These HUBS allow chains to delivery the food with less confusion and more execution to deliver on a more timely basis from one HUB to major roadways.

Rawan Capital Investments is also trying to purchase hundreds of affordable housing units to solve this crisis. The goal as investors of Real Estate would be to solve the many crisis that occur in this day and age due to the lack of affordable housing for the 55 and older community as there is a lack of housing under $250,000. Another goal would be to create housing for Veterans that are homeless. A key point is there are 500,000 properties needed for people that make between $30,000-$50,000 per year. These people should be able to afford a decent roof over their heads but are currently living in pip shelters and less than appropriate housing for their families. Rawan Capital Investments is filing with the SEC to establish a company that allows the small investor to invest in a non public company such as Berkshire Hathaway where as the companies make millions of dollars in profit therefore the stock IT issues can grow in value.

We also have talented professionals with over 25 year of experience in the for profit but considered non-profit arena. This concept we are currently developing.

Our goal is to aggressively give back to the communities through purchasing tax title properties. We are introducing an engineer who has solved an over 125 year mystery.

Mr. Paul Kennedy, President of Global Mineral Recovery, Inc. has patented a process to separate a bi product from aluminum. One product would be a very black paint. the business has potential profits of over $300,000 dollars per year. Also Mr. Dominick Marcigliano. Executive Director of Worcester Community Housing Resources, Inc. a non profit business. He has developed many housing projects for affordable housing.

We are having an introductory meeting for investors this Friday at Drew Mortgage, 1st floor conference room , route 9 in Shrewsbury at 1:15pm. We look forward to meet with you and learn about different industries we have identified that have big potential profits.

We invite you to attend, please RSVP by Friday Dec. 13th by 830am just so we have a head count to This presentation should has 2 hours. This is just one example of the many opportunities we intend to present to expand your future. We are excited about our potential growth to a large company giving many the opportunity you might not otherwise have to build wealth and might not otherwise have as an individual investor.

Very truly yours,

Douglas M. Rawan

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I am interested in a condo in Arlington or Medford, Má Thank you Douglas and Kristen.

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