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                        5 Steps to Ordering my ADU



                             How do I start my ADU?  Consider these 5 steps:


1.Need financing?

Get qualified at Click Apply Now.

Become pre-qualified to determine a budget for you to choose your ADU.


2. What does my lot allow me to build? Call us with your address for us to start your feasibility study. What is the study? It will detail the requirements of your town to include but not limited to: zoning rules or restrictions we will need to consider to build your ADU. Water, Sewer and electrical requirements, setbacks, site analysis, driveway location if needed.

for a flat Feasibility study fee.

3. How do I choose what type of ADU to build?

 Check out these sites to start choosing your ADU plan, choose your size and style:


4. How to I customize my plan?

Consult with our Architect for a flat fee to customize and finalize your plans ready to build with the town.

for a flat fee.

5. Who builds my ADU?

RCI LLC will come up with your construction estimate to build on site, inclusive of engineering, site work and construction from start to finish. RCI LLC is fully transparent and charges 20% of the cost to build. No mark ups, trade discounts passed on direct to homeowner. It’s a WIN -WIN.


Kristen Rawan 


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