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Current Investment Opportunities/Flips


Passive Investing Options

Rawan Capital Investments LLC has a team of professionals who bring the best Real Estate Investing Opportunities, so we do the due diligence, and you do the investing and earn a guaranteed 8% interest only monthly payment on your investment plus a one-time fee of 1% of the total loan amount you decide to invest. That's how simple. You get paid back at the time of the sale. 

Common questions:

1. Q: What is the length of time of construction and     investing?

     A: Usually 4-6 months.


2.Q:  What is your responsibility for the construction or sale of the house?

   A:   Nothing, we do all the work to manage, construct and market the property.

3. Q:Can I reinvest the funds once the house is sold?

     A: YES 

4. Q: How do I get started in earning 8% interest only monthly earnings?

     A: Email us your desired investment to kristen at

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